Sunday, February 6, 2011

The enigmatic yet fascinating world of cinema

I love movies. Cinema, in my opinion,  is one of the finest forms of storytelling. The blending of a great story with visuals, performers bringing the characters to life, music elevating the experience to an almost spiritual level if done well and all of this coming alive on the big screen . Whats not to love about the movies!

Being from India and having parents who hailed from the land of Satyajit Ray, I had been exposed to the world of quality cinema at a very early age. Maybe too early to fully comprehend its essence, but early enough to start appreciating its existence. So does that make me a snob to the world of entertainment? Not in the least. I have grown to regard myself as a true movie buff whose palate include the fun entertainers as well as the movies that go one step beyond entertaining and enlighten the heart and mind.

In all these years that I have recommended movies to friends and family I was told to start reviewing the movies I love or dont. To deconstruct them and in doing so, clarify in my heart and head the nuances of the film, the finer points that make cinema linger in our memories. 

I am not a cerebral viewer....when I watch, I open up my heart to the experience and if a movie touches it, I regard it a successful viewing. The genre of the movie is not a deterrent. I have come to realize that a comedy can crack its audience up, lightening at times, the load we carry in our hearts. An actioner or a thriller can get the adrenaline pumping! A tragedy can have us catch a sob in our throats. In summation,  a good movie regardless its genre, manages to make a beeline for my heart.

So, I finally have my own space in the cyberworld set up to review movies...the great, the good, the bad and hopefully in a very minute quantity, the ugly. My reviews will not be barred by the spoken language of the film. Cinema, at its very core, is art and like art, it has has no barriers (thanks to subtitles). It hopes for a world audience. In time, I hope, I can gather a community of movie lovers who will inspire me to deconstruct more cinema, give me ideas and their valuable feedbacks. So, what are we waiting for? Let the process begin!

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